Organization of Spanish Consumers against “medicalization of daily life”

8 May

Last 25th March, OCU joined and signed “Action on Selling Sickness” during a public action in a press conference. The Organization of Spanish Consumers is a private and independent one.

OCU has translated into Spanish the document, and have started a campaign againts “medicalization of daily life”

Notice the Spanish impact in the call for action” after the OCU action

The OCU organization was created in 1975; is a non-profit organizationto defend the rights of consumers.

The OCU is not subsidized, but is financed by contributions from its members, currently over 315,000 members. -OCU belongs to “Consumer International”

It is important that consumers associations joint health professionals and health intitutions. See its 3 recommendations for being aware about medicalization and selling sickness. Summary, be aware when:

  1. Speak only of great benefit without mention the risks or alternatives, where they exist (although they have nothing to do with taking pills).
  2. Exaggerate the dangers of a health problem or even a risk factor to the point of generating large dose of insecurity and alarm.
  3. Behind campaign, web, advertisement or any other form of communication that seeks to “inform” about a disease or health problem, is a company that can thereby obtain a direct economic benefit.