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Mandating covid19 vaccines? Nonsense proposals

1 Feb

Mandatory vaccination against covid19 of health care workers is proposed because there are vaccines that might reduce the transmission of the virus, SARS-CoV-2, and might  protect both the health workforce and patients. The question that arises is scientific and ethical because of the fact that we do not yet know whether the vaccine will prevent [...]

Influenza-flu vaccine and covid19. Fifteen questions

12 Oct

The flu vaccine is a failed vaccine, useless at best, that discredits vaccines in general. The situation created by the #COVID19 pandemic does not change the recommendation not to use it. 15 questions with answers and references. Influenza-flu vaccine and covid19. Fifteen questions. Gérvas J. Madrid, October, 2020. Dowload article here.

Applying the precautionary principle to breast cancer screening: implications to public health

23 Mar

This article discusses the Precautionary Principle to strengthen Quaternary Prevention when dealing with additive preventive measures such as breast cancer screening. According to Geoffrey Rose additive preventive measures are generally professional-led interventions that are alien to human ecology, economy, and physiology. These include drugs, vaccines and other biological, physical, and chemical products. Additive preventive measures [...]

Quaternary prevention: a task of the general practitioner

18 Sep

-“Prevention is better than cure”. This principle is undisputed. New knowledge points to the fact that prevention can  also  do  harm.  Under  the  concept  “quaternary  prevention”  efforts  are  currently  focused  on  finding  the  right measure of preventive care, true to the old medical tenet “primum non nocere”. Quaternary prevention: a task of the general practitioner. [...]

Measles outbreaks, a public health focus

11 Apr

We have problems with measles. But the key question is not the acceptance of the vaccine, but access to it and problems with its effectiveness. Before thinking in mandatory policies, think in improving access and efectiveness. Measles outbreaks, a public health focus. Gérvas J. Madrid, Spain. April 2019. Download article here.

Medicine and its preventive excesses

18 Dec

With practical examples based on the real impact of medicalization in people lives and on the results from relevant and well designed studies, Juan Gérvas analyses the importance of certain screening programmes as breast cancer, thyroid cancer, the relevance of health check-ups and the impact of certain vaccines. He discusses the examples of Public Health [...]

Ovarian cancer screening: could you recommend it? No

15 Aug

In December 2015, The Lancet published the final results of The UK Collaborative Trial of Ovarian Cancer Screening (UKCTOCS)  which “was designed to determine how many lives could be saved by screening for ovarian cancer”.  The UKCTOCS is another ovarian cancer screening that demonstrates that screening did not reduce  ovarian cancer specific mortality neither all-cause [...]