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BRCA test, only for females of high familiar risk

22 May

BRCA genes are “normal” genes we all share in our cells. Some mutations of BRCA genes are associated with a higher incidence of breast and ovarian cancer. In this summary there is a few numbers to understand the problem. BRCA test, only for females of high familiar risk. Gérvas J. Madrid, 21st May 2013. Download [...]

Crying patients in general/family practice: incidence, reasons for encounter and health problems

16 Dec

Despite evidence demonstrating the benefits of understanding patients, there is a paucity of information about how physicians address psychological and social concerns of patients. Patients cried in 157 encounters out of a total of 18,627 giving an incidence rate of 8.4 per thousand. More frequent reasons for encounters were: feeling depressed (12.7%), social handicap (mainly [...]

A few reasons to say no, thanks, to influenza vaccines

13 Sep

Influenza is a very common infection that spreads during winter time. In general flu is a lightly disease, but it may complicate the evolution of chronic patients, and even healthy ones. The best answer to stop the propagation is just to wash your hands. But official institutions and private organizations push to introduce influenza vaccine [...]

Primary health care oriented systems, for whom, why and how

4 Jun

Health systems are social products, and as such they cannot being invented. They are expression of the final election between “freedom” and “equity”. Freedom means that each person may select and pay for the needed health services. Equity means solidarity, to help those in need even at the cost that are fit. Only the USA [...]

Quaternary prevention: a summary

4 Jun

Quaternary prevention is the prevention of harms by medical interventions and as such a foundation block of medicine (primum non nocere). All services have adverse effects, all services might produce damage to health. A few services produce more benefits than harms in specific situations. Unnecessary and inappropriate services mainly produce harms, and few benefits if [...]

Clinical care and health disparities

10 Apr

In this review, we consider empirical studies from the United States and elsewhere, and we focus on how one aspect of health systems, clinical care, contributes to maintaining systematic differences in health across population groups characterized by social disadvantage. We consider inequities in clinical care and the policies that influence them. We develop a framework [...]

Swedish Two County Trial: total mortality data are needed

10 Apr

We lack data about total mortality in the Swedish Two County Trial. After almost 30 years of follow-up, results are no definitive, and doubts persist about the efficacy of breast cancer screening. Problems are with overdiagnosis and overtreatment, and its mortality. So we need data about total mortality. Swedish Two County Trial: total mortality data [...]