Covid-19, structure and conjuncture, ideology and politics

8 Aug

No one knows very well how to save the capitalist economy from its own general and pandemic debacles. There are only conjectures. They seem to express an ideological and desiderative a priori rather than a realistic and rigorous analysis of the present state of affairs: neoliberals stubbornly demanding for more market and lesser state (as if there had not been enough thanatic doses of laissez faire), and neo Keynesians candidly demanding less market and more state (as if today’s late capitalism, hyper-globalized and hyper-concentrated, allowed just returning to the good old days of the welfare post-war Nation-State). The fact is that neither party escapes the framework that encloses them.
Humanity seems to have entered blind folded into the eye of the storm, in a crisis of civilization. Its only difference with the Greek goddess Themis is its unbalanced scales and its blunt sword.
  • Covid-19, structure and conjuncture, ideology and politics. Petruccelli A, F Mare. Neuquén, Argentina. Mayo 2020. Download article here.